With the book "Shift your life with colors" you'll discover a creative way to joyfully achieve your goals & happy future

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Are you frustrated and lost when it comes to self-development programs and books? You're feeling a sort of fear when you see the prices? Maybe sad because you wanted to improve your life, but you don't have the money to do it? You're sceptical to get scammed? Or you just don’t have time to study 5h per day?


Finally, there's an end to this struggle and it's just 1 click away.


The easy-to-read book «Shift your life colors » will give you a whole new perspective about creativity, affirmations, your thoughts & life.

You' ll discover a unique combination between the ancient art of mandala coloring and positive affirmations, knowen as "Affirmation Mandalas".

They have soul-healing benefits. ​

Coloring Affirmation mandalas and doing handicraft work will ​easily

  • (re)activate your creativity

  • sharpen your focus and concentration

  • reduce stress

  • give you the right motivation to achieve your goals

  • bring back order in your visualisation

  • heal your inner child

  • unblock negative emotions in your subconscious mind 

  • release negativity and be free 

This simple technique gives you faith in your creativity & in yourself; the wonderful being you are. Uncover the beauty of life and fall in love with it again, through a stimulating, irresistible and unconventional (not your ordinary) play with colors.


You'll find in this book a faithful partner on your self-development journey and a blissful tool for achieving your dream goals.


Click the button below and «Shift your life with colors » will guide you into a inspiring & colorful future.