Life would be so boring without stories..and books


I am happy that over 30years ago I’ve received the wonderful first name Nina. I'm a native Croatian, born in Germany. My biggest n°1 passions are art, dance, photography & writing. Passion n°2 are languages. After finishing school I left Germany to live in my homeland Croatia. I successfully graduated from the University of Zadar (Croatia) and I hold a master degree (M2) for French and German Language & Literature.


The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE

(Napoleon Hill) 

Languages are one of the pillars of humanity & society. More important, languages are a powerful tool you'll need if you want to develop yourself. To learn something new you'll need to know how to read, write and understand the words you are confronted with during webinars, in books and programs. But not only that. Languages can give you an initial analysis of yourself :

  • The way how you use a language discovers a lot of your inner being

  • Your level of awareness is hidden in the words you're using daily

  • Your self-image is hidden in the words you're saying to yourself

  • The way how you think is based on the words you're reading and sharing with others 

In addition, you're conditioned through the language and the word constructions of your parents and the environment you're living in. These first words that have been planted in your child's mind are your paradigms or in other words your habits and thought patterns. Paradigms are controlling your life & they're responsible for the results you get. 

Bringing the decision to change your life isn't an easy step, but it’s always a good one.

I was also confronted with struggles & the terror barrier on my own « paradigm shift » journey. To face the change was not always comfortable or full of bliss as everyone loves to present it.

Change can cause a weird feeling of stress. Stress is a life blocker. If you don’t release it...the outcomes can be harmful.


As I am doing a lot of creative work, I know that drawing & painting are literally stress killers. The moment you take a brush in your hand you instantly enter into another world. The only problem I had in some moments was a blocked vision. I couldn’t imagine pictures as usual. For an artist, this can be a horrible feeling.


The situation changed when a colleague at work asked me one day: "Do you want a Mandala?". She showed me the last page of a magazine with a mandala template on it. The moment I saw it, my answer was «Yes ».

When I came back home that day I worked with the mandala. While coloring I felt that calmness filled my mind and my imagination was back. It was a bit funny, that I have totally forgotten about it, that coloring can release all stressful thoughts and feelings. But as mentioned stress can be harmful and like any other negative emotion (hate, anger, frustration) it can block your mind. One of the side effects is that you aren't aware of the simple things that can easily shift your life to a higher level.

This is how the book «Shift Your Life With Colors » came into this material world. I enriched it with positive affirmations, so that you can simultaneously be focused on your goals, activate your creativity, release stress, learn how to make affirmations. In short, you can enjoy a package full of happiness while coloring Positive Affirmation Mandalas. 


With this book, I am eager to share my knowledge with you and to help you uncover the beauty of life and fall in love with it again, through a stimulating, irresistible and unconventional (not your ordinary) play with colors.


The story of how I ended up as a student of the Bob Proctor Coaching Programs, which are definitely the best ones in the world, is described in the 2nd chapter of my book. As it is an inspirational read, I have excerpted it from the book and you can find it on Amazon - just click on the button below!!